About US
Located in Aragatsotn region, CheeZler Cheese Company
is one of the best cheese producing and cheese catering
companies in Armenia that implemented  western cheese
making practices and technology. CheeZler is an idea
that was born in November 2001 while Garen Darbinyan,
the founder of the business, was participating in
“Community Connections” hands on training in and
around Fitchburg, Massachusetts, USA.
Professional training at PTC+ (The Netherlands) in milk
processing and cheesemaking helped to adopt Dutch
cheesemaking technologies and good manufacturing
practices. Thanks to PTC+  proffecionals CheeZLer staff
is now equipped  with cutting edge milk processing and
cheesemaking knowledge and skills.
All the cheeses we produce are hand-made. We utilize
high quality ingredients We try to keep the handmade
traditions of cheesemaking. Our goal is to give an
opportunity to local consumers to choose western style,
locally produced, specialty cheeses. We concentrate all
our efforts in producing specialty premium quality
cheeses for retail sale and for cheese catering .
Creating a good tradition of cheesemaking and
consumption is one of our business priorities.

Currently we produce, “Gouda” (Dutch cheese), “Hella”
(frying and grilling cheese) and Telak (string cheese). We
use only fresh milk produced by small farms located
around Tsaghkahovit village. These families breed their
cattle on the grasslands of the Aragats Mountain.
Surrounded by Aragats mountain green grassy fields, in
the best natural farming environment local farmers raise
their animals from birth on 100% natural feed in these
pastures.  Our company takes advantage of being located
close to the farms by using only fresh  milk. We are
proud of having organized a company that recognizes the
value of using this good quality milk for our product.
Our Friends            Our  Village
Our mission is to produce high quality
specialty cheeses and help our customers
to use our cheeses not only as a appetizer
but also as a dessert, wine pairing and
cooking ingredient.