Cheese reseptions
Our ready to serve cheese platters are perfect for
celebration of any event or for cosy evening
gathering.  Just order one of our cheese platters
and haven an wonderful time with your guests.

Our cheese platters
1.Gouda cheese platter (three types of Gouda
cheese produced by CheeZler)

Cream cheese platter (regular or herb added
cream cheese on bread)

Mixed cheese platter (Gouda cheese, Telak
cheese, cream cheese)

Fried Hella cheese platter (fried cheese with pita
bread, available only when ordered in our facility)

Cheese on wooden boards with dried fruit and
nuts (Gouda cheese, dried apricot and walnuts)

Our Cheesecake Platters

1. Mini cheesecake mix (raspberry, coffee, lemon)
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For orders please call:
+374 93 179 001
or send us an e-mail to:
Please order your platters two day earlier to give us
time to prepare them for you.
ready to serve