In august of 2008, with the assistance of US Department of
Commerce, the executive director of CheeZLer LLC
participated in  SABIT program on “Milk processing and
packaging”.   Participation in the program helped him to
get familiar with the industry trends and get comprehensive
understanding of the dairy processing and packaging
industry in the United States.
The main topics of the program were processing
technologies and equipment, innovations, financial
management, business development and technologies.   
With the help of program coordinators he had a chance
to meet with leading U.S. companies, cooperatives,
industry associations, equipment manufacturers, and
government representatives.
Thank you!

With the assistance of  NUFFIC, in September 2007,
general director of CheeZLer LLC participated in
“International Training Program on Milk Processing”
organized  by PTC+  (Practical Training Center, Oenkerk,
Friesland, The Netherlands).Three-module training on milk
processing helped to gain very crucial skills in the following

Milk procurement:
    Milk collection, storage and reception,  milk quality,
    payment of raw milk, cleaning and disinfecting

Production of dairy products such as:
    Semi-hard cheese (Gouda), fresh cheese (cream
    cheese), soft cheese (Feta), quark, yoghurt, etc.

Quality management, business administration
    Quality management systems, hygienic quality of
    products and the hygienic condition of the
    processing plant, HACCP standards

Thanks to PTC+  Cheezler staff gained the necessary
skills to improve its manufacturing processes and product
quality.  PTC+   faculty helped  CheeZler to implement and
launch the production of traditional Dutch cheese – Gouda.
Currently CheeZLer is the only company in Armenia
producing Gouda strictly following Dutch production
practices.  CheeZLer team highly appreciates the efforts of
PTC+  Oenkerk  faculty and says thank you to Miss.
Ceska Annema, Mr. Jongh de P.W.,  Mr. J. Ulfman, Mr. K.
Bolding and Mr. W. A. van der Bent.   Thank you! Bolding
and Mr. W. A. van der Bent.   
Thank you!

Jannie visited our company in June 2007. Within the
framework of PUM Assistance Program  Jannie spent two
weeks in Tsaghkahovit village  to teach CheeZLer
cheesemaker make Dutch cheese Gouda . Jannie owns a
cheesemaking business in the Netherlands more then 25
years. She produces Gouda cheese in 12 kg heads and
sells in her organic shop close to the manufacturing facility.

Thanks to her big experience and her dedication CheeZler
now produces high quality Gouda cheese.

She brought to our company not only practical
cheesemaking knowledge, but also passed to us the
"culture" of making great Duch cheese.

Thank you Jannie!

With the assistance of  CESO International Service
(Canadian Volunteer Advisers to Business) John Van Esch
visited CheeZler LLC in July of 2007 to help the company
improve cheese making operations.  John Van Esch
cooperates with CESO more than 10 years, and as a
Volunteer Adviser helps small and medium dairy
businesses of developing countries to develop or install
new technologies of producing different cheeses and
improve operations of the plants.  John Van Esch worked
with the University of Guelph food science department for
25 years with fermented milk products.  J. Van Esch
helped CheeZLer cheesemakers to improve the sanitation
of the plant, helped to improve Gouda making procedure
and helped to standardize all the procedures in
cheesemaking. With the help of John company
cheesemakers developed the appropriate technology for
future production of sour cream.

He equipped company workers with very important
theoretical knowledge in dairy sector, which helped them
to find many answers to “why” questions in cheese making.

Thank you John!

Willem Muller, visited our company in May 2008. Within
the framework of  PUM Assistance Program  Willem  
spent two weeks in Tsaghkahovit village community  to
help local dairy farmers to improve their farming practices,
increase milk production and quality. These are small
dairy  farmers selling their milk to CheeZLer LLC.  Willem
worked as a manager of dairy experimental farm in the
Netherlands for 25 years. He shared his experience with
local farmers and provided practical and cost effective
solutions for dairy farm improvement.   

Thank you Willem!