250g ( 8.5 oz. U.S.) CheeZLer Gouda
150g ( 6 oz. U.S.) mayonnaise
100g ( 4 oz. U.S.) crabmeat
2 eggs
1/4 garlic
10 black pitted olives
black and red ground pepper
2 large tomatos

How to make it?

Boil eggs. Grade the eggs and Gouda, cut
the garlic into small pieces.

Add garlic, Gouda , black ground pepper  
and eggs into the mayonnaise, mix well.  
Using a teaspoon, form ball shapes. Put one
olive inside the ball and roll on graded
crabmeat.  Put the ball on top of sliced
Fried CheeZlLer Telak in Lavash rolls
Gouda coated in crabmeat